• 24"BY-C250 Concert Solid Ceder Ukulele

    The Solid Cedar collection for the Body Top and with Lace wood for the Ukulele Back and Side The traditional design and it highlighted with a gloss finish and with classical head shape for the 24 inch ukulele.

  • 24"BY-C01 Concert Mahogany Ukulele

    A general mahogany wood material for this ukulele as its top, back and side. the black ABS highlight its beautiful shape. it is a wonderful and the best economy ukulele for your musical instrument selection.

  • 26"BY-T300A Tenor Solid Ceder and Palisader wood Ukulele

    This 26 inch ukulele made with palisander wood as its back and side and the top choosing Slid Cedar, the open type and the gold with black button and the classical head shape high light its beauty.

  • 26" BY-T250 Classical Head Tenor Solid Cedar and Lace wood Ukulele

    The Solid Cedar Top with lace wood back and sides sealed in a natural finish to bring out the grain of the wood. The Cedar top provides a complex, open sound with loud projection that pairs with the bright, excellent tone of the Lace wood back and sides.

  • 24"BY-C32 Concert Solid Ceder Ukulele

    The Solid Cedar top features strong projection and a deep tone that works in perfect harmony with the resonant Walnut back and sides. No binding surrounds the Cedar top.The upscale slotted headstock features a beautiful head shape, and vintage style open tuners.

  • 41" BY-313CA/GN Solid Spruce Top Acoustic Guitar

    Die-cast with chrome headmachine. 41" Acoustic guitar with Solid Spruce Top and the laminated rosewood. Which finish is with natural gloss.

  • BY-36T 36inch Solid Spruce Top Guitar

    36 Inch Standard Guitar with Solid Spruce Top, the back and side used in a familiar material: laminated Mahogany, the abalone rossete and some small wooden binding lighten its special points and with

  • 24" BY-C10 Concert Solid Mahogany Ukulele

    Let the elegant Solid Mahogany Ukulele chandelier provide scattered light to your room, and the segmented dimming technology gives you more control over the brightness you want. It can be combined with a variety of decoration styles.

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